5 Businesses You Can Start For FREE Right Now

Everyone needs a little extra cash right now — Here’s how to start your side hustle now…without upfront costs

These days, everyone is hustling. In Canada, a large portion of the population works both a day job and a side gig, and as the covid-19 pandemic rages on, more and more people are in need of extra money as jobs fade and unemployment rises.

Many people now find themselves turning to side hustles to make ends meet or to explore a passion. To improve your cash flow, TRIBE give you 10 flexible side hustles that will boost your bottom line – all for a starting cost of less than ten dollars USD…Canadian!

1. “Meet Rover!” –  Become a dog walker in your area by passing out business cards at the local dog park. Earn $15-$18 an hour, wear some comfy kicks and carry your H2O…and don’t forget the doggy bags! Cost: Free – use social media to promote your service

2. “No Speak English?” If you’re fluent in English and hold a bachelor’s degree (required in some cases), teach students your native tongue. There are two billion people using English or learning to use it, so decorate your virtual classroom and apply at Dada.com. You can make $12-$25 or more an hour according to data from Bridge Education Group. Cost: Free for qualified candidates.

3.“Shake Your Booty”.  Hold and broadcast a virtual class a few days a week. Bop around the living room as an instructor for 60 minutes of booty-shakin’ cardio – and get paid between $5-$10 per client. A class of 30 people means a minimum payday of $150 per class (not bad!) Join a Facebook group or post an ad on Kijiji to market the class, then go for it!

Cost: Free for a 40-minute meeting with up to 100 participants.

4.“Buy It Now!” To supplement her income, Kellie Brown of Los Angeles started selling organic handmade soaps. “I purchase soap for about $15 per loaf and sell the bars individually for $7 each,” says Brown. “Each loaf has 10, one-inch-cut bars, earning her $70.” After subtracting the initial $15 investment, she profits $55.

Cost: Free to advertise (plus the cost of your product)

5. “Pay Up”. “Everything has to have a place,” says Deborah Sykes, a super-organized 64-year-old who has earned money cleaning houses with her friend Sandra Supczak, 71. “Go to the dollar store and buy products, rags and a bucket,” says Sykes. The BFF’s grew their client list by cleaning apartments in assisted-living facilities for $75 per cleaning. Hold this hustle in the pocket until people are vaccinated. Meanwhile, start a fan page to build client interest.

Cost: Free to advertise (cost of cleaning supplies)

6. “Going My Way?”  You may have a car that’s sitting in the driveway while you work from home or because you now work from home. Peer-to-peer sites such as Turo.com, work something like an Airbnb for autos. You can earn up to $25 per day for a large SUV, and up to $20 for a midsize car via this site. Your car should be less than 10 years old, in good condition and have fewer than 200,000kms.

Cost: Free to sign up. Plan to visit a carwash and get a basic cleaning. 

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