You Don’t Have a Side-Hustle Yet?! We Have 3 Ideas To Get You Started

Everyone Needs A Side Hustle.

Living indoors led many people to experiment with tactile hobbies like bread-making and quilting. What started out as a pastime could, with a little know-how, become a side business. Online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Etsy and Instagram, as well as the revival of flea markets – often with a trendy indie touch – offer new ways to make money from these age-old crafts and activities.

Here’s a look at three trending hobbies you can make serious money off of. These are not your grandma’s side appearances.


Buy old furniture and then sell them on for a profit. The concept is straightforward and is sometimes referred to as upscaling or upcycling when you use a little magic on the item to increase the price.


Thanks to online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon Handmade, the craft is making a big comeback. And sites like Pinterest have lots of ideas for you to take advantage of its popularity.


Millennials love plants, according to Money, the Huffington Post, CNBC, Business Insider, the New Yorker, and apparently the entire Internet. Another proof: a plant aesthetic has developed on social media, especially on Instagram. The hashtags #Plants and #PlantsofInstagram have tens of millions of posts. Outside of the local market scene, many small businesses use Instagram to sell their plants. Selling succulents probably won’t allow you to quit your day job, but it can replenish your savings or help you pay off debts.

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